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We tend to take our feet for granted, but the foot is a highly complex structure which can develop problems that affect a persons overall health and well-being. My name is Helen Monks and I studied Podiatry at Salford University, since graduating I have undertaken more training to keep up to date with changes and have a special interest in natural products. Foot problems can affect anyone at any time for reasons such as: trauma, pregnancy, medical conditions. Don’t put up with pain. I will do everything I can to help keep you on your feet!
I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and I offer high quality care ensuring that patients are treated with a reliable professional service tailored towards their individual needs. The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.
Podiatrists are trained in all aspects of care for the feet and lower limbs, providing advice and carrying out treatments for problems including: Corn and Hard Skin
Verruca Nail care of in-growing, thickened and hard to cut nails
Athletes foot and fungal nail infection
Biomechanical problems and prescription of insoles
Nail surgery
Footwear ~
~ ~ ~ ~
Medical Footwear The right shoes protect our feet and prevent falls. Pain caused by ill fitting shoes affects our health and well being. Reed Medical footwear offer a large selection of fittings with all shoes handmade locally, I offer a measurement service with catalogue to browse through.

Skin is a protective barrier, if broken by cracks or wounds a portal of entry for infection is created, applying moisturiser helps protect the integrity of the skin. ~ Wash feet regularly ~ Rinse off soap suds thoroughly ~ Dry carefully especially between the toes ~ Apply cream in the direction of hair growth and rub in until it disappears ~ Do not put cream between the toes as it becomes trapped and can soften the area too much Any problems with soft white skin between the toes? Try wiping with surgical spirit to dry and harden the skin. Callous is where pressure has been applied to the skin which has become thickened into a protective layer, moisturising and filing the area with an emery board or similar file can help. Corns are from more direct pressure and feel like standing on a stone, corn plasters containing acids can cause damage to the surrounding area and professional help is recommended. Verrucae are caused by viral infection which can reoccur especially when tired or unwell, they usually heal within two years but if problematic, treatments are available. Home remedies include applying the inside of banana skin or potato peel with a dressing and leaving on for as long as dressing allows. Nails are not easy to cut for yourself ~ Never rip or tear nails ~ Always cut from edge to edge ~ Don’t cut too short, leave a strip of white nail showing Fungal nail infections should be treated but it can take up to a year before the nail fully grows, perseverance is a must. Tea tree essential oil can be applied twice daily continuing for 2 months to note any changes. If discomfort from any treatment occurs discontinue use immediately.

Here is a basic price list for the treatments I offer, for more information take a look at the information page or contact me.


Full Treatment
Toenails cut and filed, hard skin and corns removed, heels sanded and moisturising cream applied
*appointments for routine care typically last up to 30 minutes. Simply Nails
Toenails cut and filed and moisturising cream applied ~ £23.00 ~ £16.00
Other Treatments Include
In-growing toenails, diabetic and biomechanical assessments, verruca and marigold therapy
Helen S Monks BSc (Hons) MChS

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